Editors letter

Linda Duberley, Editor, RiverTribe Magazine

with George Chan, Director of the new Richmond Park film


Iconic cover subjects are the gold-dust of the magazine world. Editors always try to find the most relevant and resonant personalities. This is nearly always a challenge but the choice for this edition was an easy one for the RiverTribe team. Sir David Attenborough is a rare man; humble but known across the globe for his integrity and commitment to protecting our World. There was no contest.


Sir David has produced an important and compelling film about the ecological challenges facing Richmond Park. He and the director, George Chan, have produced a 20-minute film which, while highlighting effects of 5.5m visitors a year, manages to convey the urgent call to tread lightly, with tactful impact.


It was a pleasure to attend the premiere and the captivating interview afterwards with Sir Trevor McDonald, a former colleague at ITV, who is another global Titan we like to call our own.

RiverScriber, Peter Dobbie, writes about the film and its legendary presenter on page 19. It is accompanied by a short profile of George Chan, who besides being a talented film-maker and photographer, is a zoologist in his own right. The film is meticulously produced and asks us all to remember that Richmond Park is a Natural Nature Reserve and deserves our recognition of that status.


In my view, Peter writes wonderful copy. I have known this for years. I was his colleague on the Mail on Sunday when he was the newspaper’s Political Editor. It seemed only right that, as we navigate our way through a General Election campaign, he should have The Last Word. In it, he asks us to consider the local issues like our housing shortage, care of the elderly and the protection of our threatened green spaces. This last point seemed apt for an edition with a such a strong environmental theme. Above all he reminds us that the trip to the polling booth should be undertaken with pride. It is democratic empowerment and we forget it at our peril.


Our education column is written in this edition by the principal of Surbiton High School, Ann Haydon. In it she writes how spending time outdoors can prevent Nature Deficit Disorder.


Nicola Hill, writes our Polemic Column on the issues surrounding care for our older people. This, as she points out, is a huge demographic challenge that no-one can ignore.



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