Editors letter

Linda Duberley, Editor, RiverTribe Magazine


Occasionally you meet someone who deserves to succeed in what can be a tough and uncompromising environment. Someone good natured, who nevertheless has an assertive and ambitious streak, over-laid with a strong urge to take centre stage. Our cover girl Hannah Vaughan Jones is such a woman. A graduate of the Cardiff School of Journalism, with a degree in politics, she is an Anchor with CNN, an Ambassador for the Twickenham-based charity, StreetInvest – an organisation which supports street children – and just in case you thought there must be a downside somewhere, let me say she is very good looking and happily married to ITV Anchor Lewis Vaughan Jones. She clearly did many good deeds in a previous incarnation.


We asked her to feature on our latest cover because she - like this publication - is extremely committed to the RiverTribe community and keeps her sanity by staying fit in mind and body, the twin pillars of our philosophy in this magazine. In our latest edition we have developed the themes of health and wellbeing, because we know how important it is to maintain our equilibrium in what can be a frenetic lifestyle. We live in an area where we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy some stunning open spaces in the Royal Parks and along historic stretches of the Thames. Our unifying factor is not post code or salary, it is an outlook and a determination to get the best out of life by living well. We don’t take this for granted – as Peter Dobbie points out in the Last Word.


Find out more about Hannah and Lewis, along with their dog Barry John (yes, they are both Rugby fans).


One tribe we might be - but in the world of politics we have two chiefs. Peter Dobbie has been busy this month and takes a look at our MPs Vince Cable and Zac Goldsmith, who both overturned their rivals in the recent general election.


Nick Hellen joins RiverTribe as our Cycling Correspondent. I have known Nick since I was a young presenter at Sky News and he was a media correspondent. These days he has a big day job in national newspapers but his passion is to hit the open roads on his bike and in this issue he writes about the importance of Richmond Park for UK cycling.


Paul Merrett, the Executive Chef at the well loved Victoria Pub in East Sheen, explains how he came to leave the Michelin-starred world of haute cuisine and set up shop in our neck of the woods - and why he took this decision. Eating at the Victoria is always a pleasure and so we have a competition with a meal for two with wine for the lucky winner.


David Cantell illustrates how a well-spent youth playing championship chess taught him valuable lessons in the world of business. Travel Guru Ben Murtagh gives us the low-down on the high points of a health spa with a touch of hedonism while our Finance expert, Adam Walkom throws light on how managing your money is one of the most important aspects of keeping your peace of mind..



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