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Every year we like to celebrate Real Women.

That’s why we put our curvy mannequins in the window in the run-up to every Christmas. We want to show sexy, dynamic images that will resonate and inspire. We want to make it clear that feeling glamourous doesn’t begin and end with a size six figure spread over a six-foot frame.


This year we held our first Real Women Lingerie Show at the Treehouse in White Hart Lane, Barnes. This was a celebration of ageless and size-less style and we raised money for Ovarian Cancer Action and the breast cancer charity Coppafeel.


The age of the Real Woman is dawning.


Vogue, Editor Alexander, Shulman has just published her first Real Woman issue. Admittedly, she did put Emily Blunt on the cover, a woman who is stunningly beautiful to say the least, but she is not a model and air-brushing was kept to a minimum. Inside she featured a range of women including the architectural historian Shumi Bose, the charity director Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Hello Love Studio creative director and Hello Beautiful founder Jane Hutchison, and ice cream brand creator Kitty Travers, as well as some of the women behind London’s Crossrail project.


Shulman said she commissioned the project because she felt strongly that professional women should be able to indulge their interest in fashion without it seeming frivolous.


Yet, there is also something adrift with any woman feeling that they have to fit a matrix which is narrow and unobtainable to all but a few.


The real issue for Real Women is that we have forgotten that it is the idiosyncrasies which illustrate the inherent loveliness of women. Would Sophie Loren be as beautiful without her large, hawk-like nose? Would Marilyn Monroe be as sexy if she had been anything other than a curvaceous size 16? The list is of these iconic women is endless.


Yet, in recent decades the pre-requisites of what signifies beauty in a woman has grown narrower and narrower until it exists, in reality, for very few women.


On the night four of our five models were in their 50s and they were all different shapes and sizes. Two of the models run the successful Mrs SW13 event and catering business, one is a yoga teacher, one is a marketing director and one is the publisher and editor of this magazine.



Lingerie from Truelove lingerie boutique. White Hart Lane, Barnes.



Marie Truelove presents the proceeds to the Ovarian Cancer charity representitive

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