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Linda Duberley, Editor, RiverTribe Magazine


It is always a pleasure to meet people you admire and find they live up to all your expectations.

Actor Sally Phillips is everything I expected. She is bright, funny and insightful. She is also prepared to stand up for a subject in which she believes – even when the going gets tough. There is an expression I love which says, “Be the kind of woman who, when she gets out of bed, makes the Devil say she’s up.”

I met Sally as I rounded the corner at the back of Carluccio’s in Richmond. She’s petite, pretty and dynamic. She’s just about to return to our screens on Comic Relief followed by another couple of TV blockbusters but last Autumn she was high profile for a different reason. Sally was promoting her BBC documentary, World Without Down’s Syndrome, and about to confront a public furore over her decision to examine the need for extended screening of pregnant women. Read about why she chose to open this debate on page 18.

Just weeks earlier I met another heroine of mine, Dame Vivienne Westwood, the high priestess of British fashion who is now championing green causes. I first worshipped at the altar of Dame Viv as a young student at the London College of Fashion. I thought her a magnificent creature then and when I met her at Bhuti, Richmond’s home of well-being, she had lost none of her sparky attitude.

Gina Miller is another woman of substance. To some she is a standard-bearer of Parliament’s right to the final say. To others she is simply a sore loser over the country’s decision to opt for Brexit. Whatever you think of her, Gina Miller is what my friends and I call A Bloody Impressive Woman.

In this clutch of stellar females are two RiverTribe men who have no trouble holding their own with powerful and opinionated women. Our ‘Vocal Tone’ columnist Tony Malcolm talks about bringing back the art of real conversation and Peter Dobbie flies the flag in defence of Mortlake’s green playing field.



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