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Blonde Ambition

Dominique told me she was going into the fitness business after she had just returned from LA where she had made a sizeable sum of money running her Signal Productions company and supplying international broadcasters with celebrity footage.

We were sitting in a crowded bar opposite ITV HQ on Gray’s Inn Road, where I worked as a current affairs reporter on Tonight with Trevor McDonald. I could not believe she was going to make such a big change in career direction and thought her completely mad. We had worked together at Sky News and then again in Hong Kong where she was a producer for Star TV and I was a foreign correspondent for Fox News Channel. In all that time Dominique led a busy but not always healthy life. We were both on the road all the time – she on the film and entertainment beat, me covering news across Asia. There was a lot of partying and not enough exercise.

But I had to admit, she looked great. Dominique is one of the most attractive women I know and when she dresses up she can stop traffic. Fitness had – rather late in the day – become her faith and health and wellbeing her mantra.

Bootcamp Pilates had just been developed in Los Angeles and she saw its potential immediately. She pulled together her savings and bought the equipment, then shipped it back to the UK.

I still remember her first fitness studio in Notting Hill. I did one session and thought there was a distinct possibility I would never feel my legs again. Even several baths in Epsom salts did nothing over the course of two days.

I did two more sessions. The exhaustion ended and by the fourth I could actually see the difference. The only exercise I can think of that makes this kind of difference is running which – I am told – is because with each stride you suspend your own body weight in mid-air.

Since then Dom has opened six more studios and is about to open a seventh in Surbiton. Her on-line newsletter circulates to nearly 40,000 followers. Her latest offering of fusion Pilates is a soaring success with men as well as women. She employs 50 trainers all of whom have impressive qualifications.

“I could see the potential of Bootcamp Pilates immediately,” says Dom. “People don’t mind making an effort if they see results. It is possible to completely change your body in around six weeks and the first signs of improvement begin after only three or four sessions.

“Busy people need to get in and out of the studio quickly. They need to be able to fit in work, friends and family. I think this is why we are so popular. You get results and it does not dominate your life.”

Dom opened the Richmond Studio seven years ago. The launch party, which spilled out onto the wonderful, magnolia shaded terrace, was well attended by Zac Goldsmith, local retailers, entrepreneurs and a sprinkling of journalists. It has gone from strength to strength. Old Street in the City came next and then Dom opened her first juice bar in Fulham. Surbiton will open its doors shortly.

I bet she still remembers that conversation in Gray’s Inn Road and thanks her lucky stars she decided to take a different path. As she said to me then, “I wanted to be part of the news agenda – not report on it.”




Tyrene Soler

This New Yorker started her fitness journey two years ago, completely changing her lifestyle, and now she is helping others do the same. On moving to London, Tyrene tried her first Bootcamp Pilates class at the Fulham studio with Manager Elliot Lake and completely fell in love with it. In every class she felt challenged, her body started changing and within a few classes she felt stronger and leaner. Tyrene loves trying new fitness classes and her style of workout mixes weight training and Pilates, but reformer Pilates is her true passion. During the week Tyrene holds down a finance job in the City, but she always has the energy for her evening and weekend Bootcamp Pilates classes, some people call her superwoman!

Try Tyrene’s classes in our Shoreditch studio Thursdays 6pm– 9pm, Fulham Saturdays 3pm–6pm and Richmond Sundays 10am–2pm.


Harry Rowland

Ex Professional and current Semi Professional rugby player Harry, has experienced his fair share of career threatening injuries. He puts his quick recovery down to his regular reformer Pilates training and loves to share his tips and methods with his Bootcamp Pilates clients. He sees reformer Pilates as the exercise that allows you to do other exercise – the glue that keeps your body together and allows you to push your body to the limits. Harry’s classes incorporate multi-directional movements helping you feel balanced and strong. Harry is a LuluLemon ambassador.

At just under six feet tall in her stockinged feet, with Marilyn Monroe features and a mop of platinum blonde curls, Dominique Day cuts quite a dash.


She’s no slouch in the academic department either with a degree in Theology from King’s College, London and a long career as a news journalist behind her.


She was a finalist in the Mulberry Inspirational Women Awards and flies the flag for wellbeing all over the RiverTribe area.

She is in every sense a powerful and inspirational woman writes Linda Duberley.

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