Gina Miller

Sarah Tucker lifts the lid on Gina Miller, the woman who challenged the authority of the British Government to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union.

The barrage of death threats mean we cannot identify her home other than that it is in

South West London.

Fair Crusader

Gina Miller is my friend there, I’ve said it. I’ve known her for more than fifteen years. We bonded because we had both recently left bad marriages. Both of us wanted to move on and do something positive with our lives. From that time on, I realised when Gina says she is going to do something, she does it.

So, I have read the articles about her, the ‘Who is Gina Miller’ pieces, with interest because I don’t recognise the woman they describe. The media likes to box people into categories, but as one journalist from the Evening Standard told her last week, ‘You are an enigma to the media, Gina. You don’t have a hidden agenda and everyone who has money and power and gets this sort of exposure globally has an agenda over and above what they say they are doing it for’.

What he meant, in a half complimentary way, was that with Gina, what you see is what you get. She has integrity and she is honest. She always signs off her emails with ‘be kinder than you need to be’ and she is, always. She is warm and at her level of financial success that is extremely rare. Journalists realise those who are at the top have often trodden on a lot of people to get there. They literally think she is too good to be true, when in fact she is both good and true.

‘Both sides lied and dealt in fear leading up to the referendum. Neither side has anything to be proud of,’ she says, echoing the comments of many I’ve interviewed over the past year.

She had no qualms about saying she felt Brexit was a mistake, but also said she wanted reform rather than to keep things the way they were.

Gina is a successful entrepreneur with a background in marketing and finance. But her real focus is her charity, The True and Fair Foundation. She is true and she is fair and she fights against anything she believes is otherwise.

Her work helps smaller charities who are unable to help themselves and she has unearthed profligacy in the larger organisations within the voluntary or not for profit sector.

‘Those who give most to charity have the least and those who give least have the most.” She told me once. She also famously once stood up in a gala event packed with multi-millionaires and said ‘why is everyone so mean’?

A colleague who knows Gina agrees with her. ‘The seriously wealthy are ruthless, cold and dishonest to a level which would astound and shock most people. Their PR machines will paint the seriously wealthy in a charitable light. They want to be seen to be doing good but that is as far as it goes. They give as little as they can and expect the most from their dollar. This goes for all those who are financially super rich – across the media, government, business, commerce, city and even the law. I’m not differentiating nationality here. This is a global trait’.

When I meet her for coffee, she always underplays what she has done, whom she has seen and what she has learnt. She rarely drops names and if she does, it’s important to the conversation. But she will always without exception, help and support. She is extremely loyal to her friends and highly protective of her family.

She’s successful on her own merits. She does her research before she writes a letter, types up an email, sends a text, or like in the recent months, issues a writ. She does her due diligence on everything and she doesn’t open her mouth until she knows what she is talking about. She asks questions when she doesn’t know the answer. She admits to me the abuse she’s received – highly articulate abuse – over the internet and in the post has surprised her.

Gina is tenacious and her ability to see something through shines in her work ethic and material success. She has always put her family first, her work second and always meets her own needs last. When her name appeared on the side of a bus during the height of the Brexit court case, I laughed because she’s much more down to earth than any of the newspaper tabloids have made her out to be.

In her twenties, when she was bringing up her eldest daughter, she slept on the floor when she didn’t have the money for a big flat. Early on in her family life she took three jobs to make the rent. Does she advertise this? No. As one of her friends recently commented on a Radio Four profile programme ‘Gina does not need this publicity. She had a voice already. She just chose to use it in a different way.’

As a entrepreneur, a very successful one, Gina could easily have sat back, travelled the world, lunched with ladies, opened up a boutique or done the odd bit of charity work. Instead she’s using her influence for those small charities that don’t get the big exposure the larger ones get. She abhors unfairness and abuse and she’s been the undeserved recipient of both.

She has set up numerous companies and has been successful on her own merit, not piggy backing off anyone else. She manages her time to perfection and has raised compassionate, caring, honest children.

She is a lovely, warm human being who I am proud to know. Her late father would be extremely proud of his daughter. Tellingly, she has received hundreds of letters from fathers thanking her for being a role model to their own daughters.


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