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The Stag Brewery sits on a prominent historic site on the Thames beside Chiswick Bridge, just where the Boat Race Ends. It was sold for development in November 2015 and local residents now await an exhibition by the developers, Dartmouth Capital, to be held in the sports centre of the Brewery, sometime in February or March. Here, Una O’ Brien, deputy chair of the Mortlake Brewery Campaign Group, gives RiverTribers a summary of the state of play so far.


What can we expect? Going back to 2011, after extensive local consultation, Richmond Council agreed a Planning Brief (sometimes called a supplementary planning document) for the site. This will form the basis of what the developer will put forward. The vision is for a new heart to the village of Mortlake through the creation of a living and recreational quarter. There will be new links to the riverside, housing, a school, possibly a cinema and community facilities. The aim is to have a mix of uses to generate vibrancy, leisure opportunities and local employment.


What is the size and scale and development? Until the exhibition and subsequent application for planning permission we cannot be sure. But local residents will want to look with care at the number of proposed properties (it could be anything from 500 to 1000); the type of housing including affordability and the size of the planned school. Will it be a primary school as set out in the planning brief, or a larger secondary school, as now seems likely? What will be the impact overall? Currently there are 2000 dwellings in Mortlake, so residents will want to understand how the development will affect their lives. Inevitably there will be questions about transport and traffic movements. Another feature will be the playing field within the site, and it is interesting to see that the Council’s Planning Brief states that they will seek to ‘protect and enhance’ the field ‘and make it more accessible for public use’.


Interested residents have formed an umbrella group, the Mortlake Brewery Community Group, to channel the views of residents from Mortlake, Barnes and Sheen, and make them known to the developer and the Council. Meetings are held on the first Monday evening of the month; in February upstairs at the Jolly Gardener pub, right next to the breweryfor


Further details about the Group, its meetings and research, and the Council’s 2011 Planning Brief can be found at


The Mortlake Brewery Site Exhibition will be heavily advertised and promoted a fortnight ahead of its designated time, date and location.

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