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Avoiding divorce:

How a one-day course could keep you out of court.

The best time to think about divorce is in the months before you marry.


This might sound counter-intuitive but plenty of lawyers and counsellors know that this is the ideal time to resolve key issues which left unaddressed will go on to undermine the marriage.


At the Bridge we are opening one-day courses for couples who are planning to walk down the aisle this year. My business partner, Mick Mitridate, teenage counsellor and life coach, and I believe this is the right time to identify how and why divorce occurs and assess the impact it has on each partner and their children.


‘Couples who are getting married focus on the positive outcomes but actually by considering the less positive ones they become more aware of the consequences of their actions,’ he says.


‘When divorce is considered, one person may have been preparing for a long time to make the move, while the other is in denial, and the shock is considerable. You are not in the rational frame of mind to consider all the implications. I don’t believe this will put people off getting married. I believe it will make people more focused on what it takes to make it work.’


As a writer, psychologist and local yoga teacher I see the dreadful fall-out from marriages all the time. There are certain non-negotiable issues that couples need to discuss before they ever get married. Some matters can be resolved but everyone needs to know what the insurmountable hurdles are.


We will also be discussing how divorce impacts on children. It is surprising how many parents believe they are able to hide the impact of divorce from their children. But children are like sponges. They know everything. We want people to take a day and get some constructive advice with alongside mediation, mindfulness and yoga aimed at handling stress, anger management, focus and decision making.”


There will be day courses in January, February and March in 2017 in SW London and Surrey.


Put romance on hold while you carry out a relationship risk assessment,

says writer and psychologist Sarah Tucker.

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