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Why gap years get full marks

Travelling is a popular choice for teens who decide to take a gap year before embarking on their University course. They can improve a students CV and boost their job prospects.

Mark Jones

Tutor Doctor

Taking a gap year can be an enriching and transformative experience for students. Yet, for many parents the prospect of their child embarking on a gap year can cause concerns that University will get put on hold or that degrees won’t be completed. This is rarely the case, especially as gap years are an inspiring and life changing experience; they simply give students a well-deserved break and time to grow, mature and experience the world.


Experiencing a gap year abroad allows students to explore and live in a completely different culture. Not only will this broaden their horizons, it will shape their opinions and often prepare them for big life transitions. They will learn how to take control of new or scary situations and also appreciate what they already have.


Students embarking on their gap year will develop new skills along the way. This can include anything from learning a new language, finding out about a city’s history to developing skills in how to communicate and adapt quickly. It will also have a huge impact on a student’s personal growth and is a fantastic opportunity for them to make real-life mistakes, learn from them, recognise their achievements and understand more about themselves. It’s certainly a humbling and life changing experience - something that can’t be taught at school or learnt through reading.


A gap year helps students explore their interests and allows them to develop new ones. It can also provide perspective on what they really want to study at University or even highlight new careers they might want to pursue. This can range from discovering a love for photography teaching young people English.


Participating in a gap year can significantly improve a student’s CV and boost job prospects. In fact, it displays many qualities future employers are looking for such as teamwork, courage, the ability to face challenges and willingness to try something new.


When students hit 18, it’s natural for them to want to take a break from the classroom - after all they have been in education for 13 years! A gap year is a great way for them to experience the real world on their own as well as give them some time to re-charge before heading off to University.




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