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Something's brewing in Mortlake

Samantha Avery, founder and director of Village Properties, comments on the regeneration of Mortlake

Twelve years ago, when I decided to launch Village Properties, the first decision I made was over the location of our office.

Having worked in the local area for seven years, there was only one spot that appealed to me – the often overlooked and under-estimated, Mortlake.

Of course, everyone has heard of Mortlake’s more ‘glamorous’ neighbours - Barnes and Richmond - but I saw a huge amount of potential in what is one of the most historic parts of the borough.

It provided a unique opportunity to fly the flag to folks who hadn’t considered living in a London village so rich in heritage. I am still the only property agent in this part of the borough.

I love Mortlake for many reasons and feel a sense of satisfaction that this extraordinary community has developed, and with it so has Village Properties. The view from our window has been the plastered sign, high up on the boundary wall of the brewery, proudly stating ‘1869 Mortlake Brewery.’ We often laugh because they were brewing beer in Mortlake since before Shakespeare was a twinkle in his Father’s eye!

Time moves on though, and the reinvention of Mortlake is underway. We are incredibly excited about the forthcoming redevelopment of the 21 acres of the Brewery site, which is set to include a new residential quarter, improved access to the River Thames, educational facilities, a hotel, employment, retail and sports facilities. We believe that Reselton Properties will put Mortlake firmly on the map whilst keeping its historic character intact.

Mortlake was first mentioned in the Domesday Book back in 1086. Sir Thomas Cromwell lived by Chiswick Bridge before Henry VIII chopped off his head - The gates to his home are still there, under a crown preservation order. John Dee – astrologer to Elizabeth I - lived close to our offices and the tapestry workshop was established in 1579-1636 under the reign of James I, when 50 Flemish weavers and their families were brought here in 1620. Some of Europe’s finest tapestries came from the Mortlake workshop.

Modern history was made when Sir Alf Ramsay’s team, led by Bobby Moore, did part of their training on the Stag Brewery Field. Its hallowed turf led to our finest footballing hour when we won the World Cup in 1966.

Every year the place comes to a standstill when the Boat Race starts and we are the focus of world attention when the rowers cross the line by the Ship Inn.

Data for SW14 Sales between Dec 16 and Feb 17

•53.3% of properties on the market are priced at £1 million or higher.

•The average price per square foot achieved in the last quarter was £778.00 5.7% was the average discount on initial asking price.

•Properties sold in the last 3 months achieved an average price of £412,000 for flats and £1,013,346 for houses.


Data for SW14 Rentals between Dec 16 and Feb 17

•Rental values averaged £306 per week for flats and £478 per week for houses over the last 3 months.

•The number of properties let over the last 3 months was down 28.6% versus the same period last year.

•Achieved rental values fell by 4.8% compared to the same period last year, and 19.8% versus 3 months ago.

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