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When Sam Avery started her company twelve years ago she had two golden rules; she would only let properties in which she would wish to live and she would take on only tenants that she would like to live in her own home .

In the time that she has been running her business she and her two colleagues, Anna Gurney and Jo Peck, have never transgressed those two, simple stipulations. Sometimes that has not been easy; they run a business after all, yet come what may they have held the line on their priorities.


Before long Village Properties expanded into sales when word spread that she and her team always go the extra mile for their clients.


Even their competitors say they run a tight ship with a reputation for competence and fairness despite the ups and downs of the property market. Sam often finds herself up late replying to overseas tenants and driving to Barnes or Kew at an ungodly hour to let in clients who’ve lost their keys.


Perhaps more impressively she and her two compadres have built a company on a foundation of friendship; something most business gurus agree is a very tall order.


At first glance they appear to be the Charlie’s Angels of the lettings world. They are glamourous, polished and professional. You could almost imagine them charging off to fight crime at the command of the omnipotent Bosely but it is the challenge of finding the right property for the right client that spurs them into action; Full Throttle, of course.

Sam hales from Rugby in Warwickshire and started in property back in 1990 working for an Estate Agent and Auctioneer. She left to work in the legal department of Railtrack who sponsored her Law Degree. Although hard to imagine now Sam spent a lot of time in a high-vis jacket commanding a team of workmen while they maintained the track to keep the trains running on the West Coast Mainline from Rugby to London; it must have been some sight.

During this time Sam was the one who led the team guarding the track when the train carrying Princess Diana’s coffin to its final resting place headed out of London; quite a responsibility.


She moved to London in 1998 working as Lettings Manager for C Howard King in Barnes where she met Jo. She started Village Properties in January 2005 when her daughter was just eight months old in a one-man office in Mortlake Business Centre. Anna joined a year later and Jo swiftly followed.


They have eight children between them. Now that is one up on the Angels.


A big interest – unsurprisingly perhaps – is running half-marathons. This is something she shares with Jo. Both ran the Richmond half marathon last Autumn in aid of an Alzheimer’s charity.


Sam confides a love of hockey for oldies – this may be self-deprecating - and water-skis through the summer months, blaming her South African husband’s passion for the addiction to the sport saying if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. They are a RiverTribe family and love taking their boat out on the Thames, dropping anchor at Petersham and later floating on from Richmond to Teddington with a glass of champagne!


Like her business family, her home life is a mixture of fun and hard work. Her interest in property doesn’t stop when the office door closes. She and husband Russell, who owns a high-end local company called Key Building Works, love doing their own refurbishments. They always live in a house that needs love and are currently working on their 70’s pad, taking out the avocado bathrooms and serving hatches.


It is all very well looking like a 70s crime fighter but you don’t necessarily, want to be surrounded by the designs of the day.


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