Vive la difference- Dickie and Jake

Vive la différence

Does the RiverTribe conform to stereotype? Goodness no. Our Tribe celebrates diversity and idiosyncracy in all its manifestations.


In this, the month of love and romance, we shine a light on where Cupid’s arrow lands with the most glorious of outcomes.


The Wedding of Dickie and Jake might not fit into the bracket marked ‘conventional’, but if the lyrics to the song Love and Marriage are to be believed, these two are the epitome of going together like a horse and carriage. They tied the knot in the these outfits with Banjo their Schnauzer acting as Bridesmaid.


Their marital bliss found homes on a Dutch Barge on the Thames after a beautiful love nest just off of Ducks Walk in East Twickenham.


Of course, we won’t speculate who went down on bended knee during the proposal, but however it was made, you can guarantee it would have been a sight to behold.


Richard (Dickie) Magrin (37) and Jake Tostevin (29). Married for 5 years.


How to live well

Health, wealth and happiness on our stretch of the Thames

Here we meet a flamboyant chef from our area who sings a mean aria.


If music be the food of love, local RiverTriber Ian Bloomfield serves up double portions, cooking global dishes whilst singing Opera classics.

He is known as ‘The Galloping Maestro’ referencing the Galloping Gourmet who was a TV Chef when Gordon and Jamie were still in nappies. He performs at corporate events and can emulate Pavarotti whilst whipping up a Pavlova. His unique act is hugely entertaining mixing pleasures for lovers of haughty culture with culinary inspiration for lovers of haute cuisine.

At any event he’ll do justice to Andrea Bocelli as well as a mouth-watering tagliatelle.

Buon appetito.


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