William Storey

Richmond’s William Storey’s Rich Energy is taking on Red Bull in a hi-energy drinks battle. Addicted to the chase in business and in life. Linda Duberley tracks him down.

No-one has earned this title more than five times world heavyweight boxing champion, Evander Holyfied.


Knick-named “The Real Deal” Holyfield, Evander is one of the greatest boxers of all time and was as in Richmond at the invitation of William Storey, CEO of the energy drink Rich Energy.


Holyfield was here to watch the Klitschko v Joshua fight at Wembley. In the hours beforehand he visited some of the spots loved by RiverTribers. Danieli Gelateria, just off Richmond Green, was one and the Bingham hotel proved to be the perfect place for lunch. The boxing legend had time to call in at the Duke’s Head to meet Landlord Pat Dalton.


“He seemed a lovely guy. Very down-to-earth. I was surprised to see him but it would be fair to say we have a wide-ranging clientele at the Duke’s. We hope to see him again.”


Richmond-based Rich Energy are expanding rapidly in America and are partnering with a major US broadcaster. Evander is working with the network’s boxing division. It seems Holyfield loved Richmond and although he is based in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, he intends to visit again soon.


Holyfield achieved the unprecedented feat of being undisputed cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion after being a decorated Olympian.


Coming from a large family with a single mum he has dedicated his life to sports and is the only man of his generation to fight all the big names from George Foreman and Mike Tyson - who famously bit off part of his ear - to Riddick Bowe and Lennox Lewis.


Rich Energy CEO William Storey, “This man is truly an icon in the sport of boxing while remaining an incredibly humble and nice guy. It was a pleasure to show him Richmond. He thought it was a wonderful way to spend a day and said he will be back.”



Picture taken on the balcony of the Bingham, hotel & restaurant, Richmond

William Storey. Life in the fast lane.


William Storey is a surprising man.


At first glance he looks like a cross between a young, slim, hairy biker and the mystical lead character in a computer fantasy game.


This is undoubtedly due to the hugely impressive beard and mane of wavy hair combined with a penchant for leathers and heavy boots.


It would be fair to say that he doesn’t look even remotely similar to a conventional business man or even a slightly eccentric entrepreneur; yet that is exactly what he is.


He is funny, intelligent and resourceful but never sticks to the straight and narrow.


The clue to how he arrived at his characterful appearance lies in his past as a rock band manager and then a boxing promoter. These days William storey has migrated to the world of high energy drinks; a smooth and understandable transition for a man addicted to danger and speed in equal quantities.


It is a high-octane way of life but things weren’t always this way.


As a young school boy at the Russell School in Petersham things looked like they were on a fairly straight path. As a student at Orleans School and then the hot house atmosphere of Tiffin, the young William Storey was good at maths, sport and particularly science. He decided against chemistry at University College Oxford and opted instead to read mathematics at St Andrews University in Scotland. He even undertook a brief stint in the RAF pilot training scheme before trying to make it as a professional footballer. He got as far as QPR reserves. That’s not bad.


So far so good. Then William took a sharp turn off piste; and he has been doing it ever since.


Realising he would make more money in business, he spent his 20's working in the publishing, automotive, finance and computer industries before getting a break in the tobacco business in Zimbabwe.


Using that to establish his own IT and sports management business, he was on his way. Busy managing boxers and running a computer business, a friend asked if he would be interested in becoming a distributor for a premium drink developed as a superior Red Bull in Austria. Six months later, after a rebrand, Rich Energy was created. After infrastructure investment in a £40m state of the art factory, he took control of the company and set about launching Rich Energy in the UK and United States.


The brand is inspired by Richmond and the product, made with pure Alpine mineral water, took 6 years to develop and wins all taste tests against Red Bull. The brand ethos is British, high performance and discerning, with multiple world champion ambassadors. Even the cans are made in the UK. It has sales in over 20 countries and multi million pound partnerships. With the likes of Hugo Boss, Silverstone, Mercedes, TT races and Monaco Grand Prix, Rich Energy it is well on its way to competing with the top brands.


William now works with 5 world champion boxers in addition to running Rich Energy which he regards as a serendipitous opportunity. He gambles. It is in his nature to take a calculated risk but he has a track record of winning.


Not one to rest on his laurels, William has been busy securing some of the most high profile partnerships to promote Rich Energy with its distinctive black and gold brand identity.

Rich Energy colours adorn a Racing Yacht team, a British Superbike team, Powerboats, high performance cars and now the World’s greatest pound for pound boxer in the shape of World middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin.

Rich Energy will be powering him through his title defence at Madison Square Garden New York against Miracle Man Jacobs, which promises to be an explosive event with Golovkin knocking out all of his last 23 opponents.

‘He’ll be wearing black and gold, but his opponents will end up black and blue’ quips William.

No wonder the brand boasts to give you horns as opposed to wings as the BS promise from its rival in the energy drinks market. Or to be more accurate, antlers with Richmond Parks herds of Deer acting as inspiration for the logo.

On the same bill in New York is William Storey managed boxer Jay ‘Kidd Dynamite’ Carrigan-McFarlane, who is feted to be the next British superstar in the heavyweight division.

So keep your eye out for this high octane, high energy, high achieving RiverTriber who is making waves around the globe.

As an entrepreneur, he is a strong contender as he locks horns with the ‘other’ less tasteful energy drinks suppliers and he does it with more style and panache, sporting his trademark beard and rock and roll lifestyle.


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