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‘A rubber face with a stripper’s name’,







Anyone walking into the bar at the Bingham is universally struck by the stunning floral displays on the mantelpiece.

They are the work of Katja Berg who has moved hotel floristry onto a new level. Her displays are imaginative and full of impact. Each one is the result of careful planning and intelligent design. Kat, as she is known to her circle of friends and supporters, is also renowned for her wedding flowers. It should come as no surprise that she is the official florist to Vivienne Westwood.

What most people do not realise is that for many years she struggled to get her business going whilst raising her twins as a single mother. There were times when, as she highlights in her new book, that she fed herself and her children on £5 a day.

Her memoir, ‘A rubber face with a stripper’s name’, is an inspirational read. As Kat says, “When life gives you lemons, you bloody well use them.”

RiverTribe is offering a copy of Kat’s book to the first five readers who contact us with the answer to a simple question, which can be found on her web-site


Q: In which Danish town was Katja Berg born?


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Sky News Correspondent Ian Woods has a 35-year career behind him as an experienced and impartial journalist.

Win his new book 'Surviving Execution' A miscarriage of Justice.



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The 28-day Alcohol Challenge is a 224-page book with enough support to help a bon viveur – even of Churchillian standards – cut out those nutritionally empty calories with the minimum fall-out in terms of rocking the boat with their social peers. It is packed with hints of how to recognise and re-configure the so-called habit loop, information on how will-power works but most importantly how to build a tribe around you that does not dwell on denial but focuses on the benefits of an energy-fuelled life.


Q. Where was the first Parkrun held?


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