Rivertribe Editor Linda Duberley interviews Dot Com Digital creator Sharon Doughty

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In this video, Rivertribe Editor Linda Duberley Interviews Dotcom Digital Founder Sharon Doughty, for the Richmond Rugby Business Club.

They discuss what Dotcom Digital stands for, they’re backing from Microsoft and the potential to go worldwide this year.

Her character Dorothy Dotcom, is designed to teach children how to measure risk; of many things, not just online risks. She discusses her own life experiences in a car crash in 1997, and how it led to the creation of Dotcom Digital.

For more on Sharon’s business, see here: https://dotcomdigital.co.uk/about-us

The RiverTribe team would like to thank Andrew Cleminson and all of his students at the Content Creatives Academy for shooting and video editing.

For more on them, see here: https://www.contentcreatives.org.uk/

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